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Name Phone Location
Electrical Engineering Teaching Laboratories: Experiments and Projects +972-4-8294747 Bella Meyer Bldg., Fl. 5, Rm. 505
Communication Laboratory +972-4-8294759 Bella Meyer Bldg. , Fl. 5
Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory +972-4-8294639 Bella Meyer Bldg., Fl. 9, Rm. 911
Computer Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory 972-4-8295741 Bella Mayer building , 1011
Control Robotics & Machine Learning Laboratory +972-4-8294790 Fishbach, 321-328
Electrodynamics Laboratory
Electro-optics: Electro-Optical Information Processing Laboratory +972-4-829-4629 Fishbach 273
Electro-optics: Fiber Optics & Nonlinear Optics Laboratory +972-4-829-4629 Fishbach 273
Electro-optics: Optical Communication Laboratory +972-4-829-4626 Fishbach 273
High-Speed Digital Systems Laboratory 972-4-8294664 Fishbach Bldg., Fl. 3
Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics Laboratory +972-4-8294203 207 , Wolfson
Networked Software Systems Laboratory 972-4-8294643 Bella Mayer building, 1137-1143
Novel Semiconductors for Optical and Electronic Devices Laboratory
Organic Materials and Devices Laboratory +972-4-8294719 Nano Bldg., Rm. 550
Parallel Systems Laboratory +972-4-8294691 Bella Meyer Bldg. , Fl. 12, Rm. 1242
SAMPL – Signal Acquisition Modeling and Processing Lab. Fishbach 351
Signal and Image Processing Laboratory +972-4-8294747 Bella Meyer Bldg., Fl. 5, Rooms 511-518
The Laboratory for Network Biology Research 972-4-8295089 Fishbach building, Floor 4 (rooms 418-434)
VLSI Laboratory +972-4-8294668 Bella Meyer Bldg., Fl. 7
Electro-optics: Microphotonics Laboratory
Vision and Image Sciences Laboratory +972-4-8294729 Bella Meyer Bldg., Fl. 6, Rooms 611-619


Name Phone Location
The Sara and Moshe Zisapel Nano-Electronic Center
The Andrew and Erna Finci Viterbi Computech Center for Advanced Studies
VLSI Systems Research Center
The Irwin and Joan Jacobs Center for Communications and Information Technologies (CCIT)
The Ollendorff Minerva Center
ACRC Advanced Circuit Research Center
The Barbara and Norman Seiden Advanced Optoelectronics Center
Microelectronics Research Center


Name Phone Location
High Speed Electronics 972-4-8294206 210, Wolfson
Matrics Research