Honors Program

After receiving approval from the excellent student advisor, a departmental excellent student may

  • Take a course in the department in self-teaching mode (one course per year). This mean the student will only take the final exam, with the approval of the course instructor. The student will enroll to this course in the same manner as standard courses.
  • Take the course “advanced topics for excellent students” (044184).
  • Take up to 3 courses from graduate studies (as a part of the undergraduate demands), with the approval of the course instructor.
  • Under certain conditions (that appear in the newsletter), and excellent student may choose the specialization group for excellent students, with the approval of a faculty member who will agree to supervise him. In addition, the student will have to complete two regular specialization groups.

Additional details appear in the newsletter <file>

Excellence regulations as they are defined by the school for undergraduate studies: <excellence during studies>, <excellence upon graduation>.