Maps and Directions

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A map showing the way from Tel-Aviv highway to the Technion

Campus Map

Directions to Meyer (EE) Building at the Technion from the Coastal Highway:

Leave the highway at the first exit for Haifa (Akko, Ahuza, Nave Shaanan, Tirat Carmel).

After exiting the highway take a left at the fork (Akko, Ahuza, Nave Shaanan).

Take a right at the traffic light (do not enter the tunnel), then immediately turn left onto Flieman street.

Drive up the hill for about 3km (the name of the street will change to Weinshall Street and then Freud Street) until the road ends in a T intersection. Turn left (Horev Street), and immediately right (near Horev Shopping Center). You are now on Pika Road.

After about one km on Pika, you will see a Paz gas station on your right. Take a right turn just next to the Gas station.

You are now on Hankin Road. Continue driving straight; when you reach a tunnel go through it. A few hundred meters after the tunnel turn right onto Komoi Street.

Take a left at the traffic light and continue straight to the Technion gate.

After passing the gate take the central lane and continue straight.  Take the first exit at the first roundabout, and the third exit at the second roundabout.

The EE building is below the forest on your right.