Dean’s Greeting

The department of Electrical Engineering at the Technion trains engineers and scientists at a high academic and technological level. According to the opinion of an <international evaluation committee>, chaired by the provost of MIT, the department is among the ten leading departments in its field. Specifically regarding teaching, the committee stated: “It is known that the training received by department graduates, for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, is equal to and even better than the training offered by any leading institution in the world”.

The department puts great effort and invests many resources in students, in order to enable them to fulfill their potential. Training includes a wide theoretical base in scientific and technological areas, along with exposure to new technologies in the teaching and research labs. Our excellent academic staff develops up-to-date, renewing courses, in addition to internationally leading research. Our skilled engineering and administrative staff also contributes its share. The department maintains close contact with the hi-tech industry.

The department of Electrical Engineering is the first of its kind in Israel. We cover a wide range of topics: communications and systems (including: information theory, optical information, image and signal processing, control and machine learning), computer engineering (including: architecture and computer systems, VLSI, distributed systems, computer networks, computer vision and computer graphics), physical electronics (including: waves, devices, micro- and nano-electronics, electro-optics and electro-dynamics), and also interdisciplinary topics related to biology, medicine, physics, material engineering and more.

The high level of undergraduate and graduate students in the department allows for a high level of teaching that, together with considerable effort from students, leads to high quality graduates. Therefore, our graduates are eagerly sought-after in the hi-tech industry and in academia, in Israel and abroad.

An interesting, challenging and fulfilling period awaits here, in an excellent learning environment.

On behalf of my colleagues and myself, I wish you all productive, challenging and enjoyable studies.

Good luck,

Prof. Ariel Orda