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Associate Professor
  • +972-4-829-4637
Office: 918, Meyer
Research Interests: Hierarchical storage,, architectures for multimedia, information servers, Multimedia-and information-system architectures, Satellite communication networks, Judicious exploitation of redundancy for performance enhancement
Cidon Israe
  • +972-4-829-4647
Office: 907 Meyer
Research Interests: High speed and converged network architectures, Wireless mobile network architectures, Network control protocols, Network QoS, Network on Chip (NOC), Distributed system architectures
  • +972-4-829-4731
Office: 555, Meyer
Research Areas: Signal Processing
Research Interests: Statistical signal processing, Analysis and modeling of acoustic signals, Image Analysis and Processing, Speech enhancement, Noise estimation, Microphone arrays, Source localization, Blind source separation, System identification, Adaptive filtering
Crammer Koby,
Associate Professor
  • +972 4 829-3274
Office: 457, Fishbach
Research Areas: Learning Systems
Research Interests: Online learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing
  • +972-4-829-4694
Office: 703 , Meyer
Research Interests: Slow and fast light propagation in nonlinear fibers, Miniature atomic clocks, Semiconductor microcavities, Dynamical properties of diodes lasers, Optical amplification, Noise properties of optoelectronic devices, Short pulse generation, High speed HBTs and photo HBTs, Dielectric thin films for optical coatings and high k MOS structures, High speed optical communication systems and RF photonic networks
Eldar Yonina
  • +972-4-829-3256
Office: 960, Meyer
Research Interests: Detection and estimation theory, Computational biology, Optimization and linear algebra methods for signal processing, Signal processing algorithms and applications to communication systems, Sampling methods and frame theory, Communication and detection in quantum systems
Etsion Yoav
Associate Professor
  • +972-4-829-1926
Office: 308-6 Fishbach
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Research Interests: Computer Architecture, Computer Systems and Parallel Processing, HW/SW Interoperability, Operating Systems, Parallel Programming Models, High-Performance Computing, Technion Computer Engineering Center (TCE)
Daniel Freedman
  • +972-4-829-3285
Office: 1133, Meyer
Research Interests: Exotic (non-classical) computer architectures / systems; Inter-disciplinary designs and experiments (physics / computer-science), Platform-as-a-service computing, Simplified development paradigms for distributed systems
Gilboa Guy,
Assistant Professor
  • +972-4-829-4653
Office: 955, Meyer
Research Interests: Solutions for image processing and computer vision problems through local and non-local variational methods and partial differential equations based techniques. Depth sensing cameras. Medical imaging.
Hayat Alex
Assistant Professor
  • +972-4-829-4682
Office: 751, Meyer
Research Interests: Quantum devices and low-power ultrafast circuits – based on novel states of matter, Hybrid high-temperature superconductor-semiconductor optoelectronic devices, Topological insulator devices, including: spintronics, quantum circuits and THz electronics, Semiconductor exciton–polariton condensate devices and circuits.
Nazarathy Moshe
  • +972-4-829-3917
Office: 755, Meyer
Research Interests: Optical Communication – Advanced optical modulation formats and equalization techniques, MIMO techniques over multimode optical interconnects; Translucent optical networks, links and devices controlling light with light - Optical Computing; Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing; Integrated, Fiber and Wavepacket Optics, GPS satellite navigation systems
  • +972-4-829-4646
  • +972-4-829-4679
Office: 906/858 , Meyer
Research Areas: Computer Networks
Research Interests: Computer Communication Networks, QoS Support in Broadband Networks Routing, Applications of Game Theory to Computer Networking, Internet Pricing, Distributed and On-Line Network Algorithms.
Rosenthal Amir,
Assistant Professor
Office: 760 Meyer
Research Interests: Optoacoustic (photoacoustic) imaging systems, Ultra-sensitive ultrasound detection, Interferometric systems, Minimally invasive imaging procedures, Tomographic inverse problems
Shamai (Shitz) Shlomo
Distinguished Professor
  • +972-4-829-4713
Office: 773 , Meyer
Research Interests: Information rates in constrained channels, Multi-user information theory and spread-spectrum systems, Information theoretic models for communication and recording systems, Coding and modulation combined modulation and coding and iterative algorithms, Space-time coding, Optical coded and uncoded communications
Silberstein Mark,
Assistant Professor
  • 077-887-1503
Office: 408-3, Fishbach, TCE Center, 2 floor
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Research Interests: Systems, high throughput processors (GPUs), operating systems,, parallel computing, distributed storage, hardware security
Talmon Ronen,
Assistant Professor
  • +972-4-8294750
Office: Meyer, 508
Research Areas: Signal Processing
Research Interests: Statistical signal processing, Analysis and modeling of signals, Speech enhancement, Biomedical signal processing, Applied harmonic analysis, Diffusion geometry
Tessler Nir,
  • +972-4-829-4719
  • +972-4-829-4203
Office: 550 Nano
Research Areas: Nano-Electronics
Research Interests: Conducting, semi-conducting and light emitting organic materials. This includes photo-physical processes (including laser action and micro-cavities), transport of charges and of electron-hole pairs (executions), processing of devices and circuits (diodes, transistors, detectors). Also, the combination between synthetic and natural (biological) polymers as a tool to extend the understanding and scope of each separate system.
Wimer Shmuel,
Visiting Associate Professor
  • +972-4-829-5744
Office: 1132, Meyer
Research Interests: VLSI circuits and systems, VLSI design optimization, Combinatorial optimization
Yaish Yuval E
Assistant Professor
  • +972-4-829-2798
  • +972-4-829-5024
Office: 558 Nano
Research Areas: Nano-Electronics
Research Interests: Electrical, mechanical and optical properties of Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Nanotubes as chemical and biological sensors, Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems with Carbon Nanotubes, Electrical transport in vibrating single molecule resonators
Israel Bar-David
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4714
Office: 772, Meyer
Research Interests: Signal reception under threshold conditions, Coherent fiber optic communications, Robust receivers in large doppler uncertainty
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4686
Office: 956
Research Areas: Nano-Electronics
Research Interests: Optical and transport properties of compound semiconductors, Physical properties of quantum wells and quantum dot heterostructures in III-V, III-N, and SiGeC compounds, Semiconductor device physics, Semiconductor detectors.
Inbar Gideon
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4718
Office: 603 , Meyer
Research Interests: Biological Neuronal Networks , Computational Motor Control , EEG and MRP Analysis for BCI.
Jacob Katzenelson
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4655
Office: 967 , Andre Meyer Bldg
Research Interests: Software (programming languages and translators), Computer hardware and parallel architecture, System and circuit theory, Computer aided design of electronic circuits and systems, Heavy scientific computing -- partial differential equations, Solid-state electronics.
Nemirovsky Yael
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4688
  • +972-4-829-4523
Office: 201 , Wolfson 709 , Meyer
Research Interests: Modeling and simulations of MEMS , Technology - in particular combining CMOS-SOI-MEMS, System on Chip (SOC), vertical integration and packaging , Applications: Electro-optical and Optical MEMS, IR sensors, CMOS Image Sensors, Inertial Sensors, Cantilevers based sensors and biosensors, RF MEMS, Bio MEMS, MicroFluidics, Lab-on-a-chip, Microvalves, Micropumps, Actuators (electrostatic, magnetic), Novel applications of MEMS.
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4657
Office: 915 , Meyer
Research Areas: Computer Networks
Research Interests: Design and control of heterogeneous computer networks, Design and control of local wireless networks, Design and analysis of network protocols, Scheduling and QoS methods, Wireless communication networks, High speed communication networks
David Schieber
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4661
Office: 804 , Meyer
Research Interests: Theoretical electrodynamics, Radiation and propagation of electromagnetic waves, Impingement of electromagnetic waves on moving targets
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4161
Office: 954, Meyer
Research Areas: Computer Networks
Research Interests: Computer networking, Protocols for reliable network communications, TCP/IP and ATM protocols, Protocol specification and validation, Ad-hoc and mobile networking
Shamir Joseph,
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4738
Office: 660 , Meyer
Research Interests: Singular optics and applications in nano-technology and biology, Laser physics and coherence effects, Theoretical analysis of optical systems, Coherent optical and electro-optical signal processing, General aspects of optical computing and architectures, Scattering of electromagnetic fields and applications, Holography, interferometry and non-destructive testing, Diffractive optical elements, Industrial applications of electro-optical measuring systems, Electro-optical systems for particle diagnostics
Zakai Moshe,
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4744
Office: 670 , Meyer
Research Interests: The theory of Stochastic Processes and its application to the theories of Communication and Control
Zeheb Ezra,
Professor Emeritus
  • +972-4-829-4733
Office: 968 , Meyer
Research Interests: Theory and Design of Robustly Stable Systems, Signal Processing and Filters
Visiting Associate Professor
  • +972-4-829-4647
Office: 907
Research Interests: Computer architecture from low-level microarchitecture to programming models. Specifically, heterogeneous processing, heterogeneous memory systems, and resilience. Most recent focus is on improving application/system interaction for improved efficiency and scalability.
Shaya Fainman
Research Interests: Nanophotonics and Nonlinear Optics for chip-scale integration of photonic circuits and subsystems: Modeling, Design, and Fabrication; Optofluidics: Integration of nano- and micro-photonics with microfluidics for biomedical applications; Plasmonic structures for 1D, 2D and 3D confinement of radiation, applications for biomedical sensing, nanoscale imaging and detection; Space-Time Optical Processes with Ultra-Short Laser Pulses; Holography; Quantum Cryptography; 3-D quantitative imaging.

Professor and Chairman, ECE, UCSD

Friedman Eby
Visiting Professor
  • friedman@ece.rochester.edu
Research Interests: VLSI
Friend Richard,
Distinguished Visiting Professor
Research Interests: Conjugated Polymers, ime-resolved optical spectroscopy, Molecular conductors and magnets.
Niv Avi
  • +972-4-829-4687
Office: 708, Meyer
Research Interests: Nano optics and photonics, advanced photovoltaics energy resources.
Schwartzman Armin,
  • +972-4-829-4638
Office: 1056, Meyer
Research Interests: Image and signal analysis; modern multivariate statistics; large scale multiple testing, functional and manifold-valued data; applications in neuroimaging and the environment
Viterbi Andrew, Distinguished Visiting Professo
Distinguished Visiting Professor
  • +972-4- 829-5737
Office: 1001
Research Interests: Statistical Communication Information Theory
Yablonovitch Eli
Distinguished Visiting Professor
Research Interests: Physical Electronics (PHY), Optoelectronics, high speed optical communications, photonic crystals at optical and microwave frequencies, the milli-Volt switch, optical antennas and solar cells.